Can’t explain.

Sometimes I experience feelings that I can’t explain.

I sit and think about whatever I’m thinking about and I realize that I am feeling an emotion.

Whether it be sadness, happiness, joy, anger, confusion… all of the emotions I’m sure I’ve felt and we’ve all felt.

But sometimes I don’t know why I feel a certain way.

No prompt – No explanation.

I just do.

Clearly, this morning is one of those times.


Today, the feeling is disconnection.

I just don’t feel in tune with the world around me.

This feeling might go away in an hour, which is the frustrating part.

Why do these random feelings, that I have trouble explaining, come and go so frequently without hesitation?
I’ve always felt that there is a reason behind every feeling.

There has to be something behind every time you feel.

But, I increasingly lose this belief as I maneuver through a box of emotions every day.


It’s not very fun, to be honest with you.

It is just frustrating.

It’s another area where I am aware of what is happening, but I don’t really know what to do or understand it.

I’m not going to beat myself up for not knowing, but man, I wish I knew.


The goal today is to figure out why.

Why each feeling arises.

Communicate with myself.

Be active.


I’m not really sure of the correct process, but I suppose I will learn and be able to apply it once it comes.


I hope that you and I can both understand our emotions, thoughts, and feelings better as we make our way through today and the future.


“I’ve been thinking about everything…” PND



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