Patience for a plan.

As it is easy for myself to look ahead at what’s to come, I can’t help but be eager to start things that I know are coming in my near future.

I know what I’m going to do when the time comes, so I am ready to get after it!


Unfortunately, that’s not how time works.

I wish it was.

As soon as I’d be mentally ready for something, I’d fast forward it to be time.

Also, if I needed more time, I’d just slow it down for a while, give myself time to think.


Just think: we have a world clock.

It runs everything around us…

But what about our own clock?

I sometimes move faster than I can handle, and other times I need to pick up the pace.


The feeling of disconnection happens every time I’m off pace, but I don’t always recognize it as a disconnection from time.

I recognize it as a disconnection from my plan.


That’s a place where I tend to bring myself down.

I pride myself on my plans.

I know they might not be perfect, but I always think they give me the best chance to succeed.

However, when they don’t succeed, it’s easy to beat myself up about it.


“How did I miss that in my plan?”

“That clearly wasn’t going to work.”


I not only need to be patient for the time to start my plans, but I need to be patient for the plan to pan out.

The timeline we create in our own minds is often so specific that it is unrealistic.

We all want it to be perfect.

We all want it to be perfectly in line.


Most of the time, we know it won’t work.

But we want it so badly.

Why? Because it’s easier.


I’m thankful for the learning I’ve had when my plans don’t work to plan or they don’t align with time.

I learn a lot from misalignment, disconnection, etc.


That learning helps me create better plans for myself.

Better plans for my future.

I trust that each plan I make can work, but I’m not wary when it doesn’t.


Just have to keep moving!


As I sit here today, I know what plan is coming next.

It’s not time yet.

I am glad I have it in place, so I will wait patiently for the time to come (whenever that may be).


I’m thankful today for plans, for time, and for learning.


Patient planning…

Has a nice ring to it.



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