Power through. (pt. 2)

Unfortunately, I’m starting the week off sick.

Coughing, stuffed up and feeling a bit weak.

Overall, just not a good time!


However, I am reminded of my work ethic and that I can easily make my way through this.

(I kinda have to because I have a busier school week).

Nonetheless, I want to discuss a little about my mindset when I’m sick, when I’m mentally out of it, or when I am being held back from being able to do what I need to get done.


The first thing I do is accept the unfortunate circumstance.

It’s almost always something that I can’t control and I know that I can only control what I have in my hands.

Acceptance is important, but action has to follow.


The second thing I do is determine my capability with my hinderance.

As right now, I am sick, I may not be able to study for as long as I’d like in one period of time.

Or I may need to schedule a time to rest.

Make sure that you accommodate for the issue so that it can eventually be resolved.


The third thing I do is work hard when I can.

When I find the times I can study, when I can work, etc… I want to make sure that that time is used efficiently.

I know that nothing can hold me back as long as I keep moving.

I joke a lot about how “everything is mental, it’s all mental”, but I sincerely believe that much of life is solely mental.

Because when I say this, I’m talking about what we can control is mental.

We can’t control when sickness comes.

We can’t control when we are depressed.

We can’t control when we are screwed over by someone else.


But we can control what is in our hands.

And the right mindset can make the entire difference.


I am trying my best to keep my mind on track so that my feet can follow.

It’s hard to move forward when your mind is moving backward.


I encourage you, no matter what is holding you back today, to recognize what you can control, take action, and put your mind in the best place possible.


Power through it.



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