It’s amazing how 24 hours ago I was flying through 1,000,000 thoughts and this morning I’m bopping to some music and loving life.

I’d say my mood changed 5 times yesterday.

My mind is just a constant switch, that sometimes I don’t have control of.

But, at the same time, I feel like I do have control.

I recognize the mood I’m in when I feel that way, so I know what I can do to try to change it.


It’s sometimes easy to see the switch, but not always easy to flip it.


There are always obstacles that keep us from the good mood that we all deserve to be in.

Nothing even has to happen – we just hit that roadblock and our day can go south.

It especially sucks when going south is always against our plans.


So, how do we flip the switch when that roadblock feels inescapable?

Well, I seem to find success in two ideas:

  • There is more than one switch. Sometimes sadness, confusion, or anger will be present. Often times, I need to turn on another switch (willingness to learn, confidence, listening, etc.) in order to turn the other switch off.
  • Wait for the light to go out. I don’t really like to force myself to turn the switch off, because I turned it on for a reason. I sometimes just need to wait to figure out my feelings and understand them before moving forward.


I always hope to be able to apply what I write, what I think, and what I say to my everyday actions.

These are sometimes tough to flip that switch, but I know it comes with time, learning, understanding, and strategy.


I’m glad that my current switch is on and I will analyze it equally to all of the other switches my mind has.


Let’s keep the good switches on and work on figuring out the bad switches and why they turn on.



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