Inner > Influence.

As I maneuvered through this weekend, I found myself being influenced by many people and many things around me.

Not peer pressure, more like suggested options from other sources as to what to think, feel and do.


I let other options brood in my mind, not really acting on them.

When I think about the “path” that my mind is on, relative to my inner expectations and plan, I found myself considering other paths of thought and action to be very stressful and anxiety-ridden.

I don’t ever want to walk someone else’s path, but I always worry about whether my current path is the right path.


I know that whatever path I walk on, it’s “right” because it’s mine…

No matter how crooked or bumpy.

I don’t ever want to question what my path of life puts in front of me, although it’s hard not to sometimes.

That’s where I was this weekend.

Always questioning why certain things showed up in my walk of life.

It sometimes made me want to run, not walk… run away, kind of.


No matter how inclined I feel to run, I always find a thought that helps me stay grounded.


It’s never the same exact words, but it is always a thought of trust.

  • I trust that I will make it through whatever I’m going through, because I know I can and will.
  • I trust that the support I have around me will help me through and will be there for me every step of the way.
  • I trust that the path I’m on will lead me where I should go, not where I always think I am or want to be. It’s all about the greater plan, and it’s my job to trust.


I will trust my inner rather than my influences.

I know I can and I will.

No matter where the path of my life takes me, I know my trust in it will lead me to where I am meant to go…


I want to be where I should be.



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