I talk all the time about how it is “easy” to know that something is happening but not necessarily “easy” to do something about it.

Lately, I’ve realized that sometimes it’s not that easy to acknowledge something.

Specifically, it’s not always easy to acknowledge that a problem is occurring.


I was reflecting a few days ago on some things and I noticed an issue in my train of thought after a period of time.

It wasn’t an issue of my brain not working, it was an issue of my brain working against me.

I was beginning to pull myself into an area of insecurity and overthinking that I used to find myself in about a year and a half ago.


Now, as humans, we all overthink, so I am not saying that I don’t do it anymore – I do it all the time.


However, I was not thinking rationally or positively – that’s where the issued lied.

As that year and a half has passed, I have learned so much about how I need to treat myself, how my mind works, how my emotions need to be dealt with, etc.


At that moment a few days ago, I found myself reverting back to old, harmful tactics.

I couldn’t seem to slow down negativity and an attack of myself.


There wasn’t even a trigger…

I didn’t do anything but think – and sometimes that’s enough to get myself in trouble.


Knowing this, it took me a while to acknowledge what was going on.

Even then, I didn’t take the right steps to combat it.

It was such an odd place – a place I hadn’t been in a while.


The good news – I still found my way to what I needed to do to get myself out of that mental hole.

It just took me longer than I would have liked.


Sometimes it just happens that way – we aren’t always on the ball.

It’s especially not easy for us to get out of a mental funk immediately.

And it never should be immediately – we always need to take time to figure out what’s going on and how we can get back to “normal” (what should we do next time this happens?)


Long story short, I know that I am not perfect and I can’t just overcome any mental funk that comes my way.

The first step has already come – I acknowledge the fact that I won’t be able to help myself immediately every time.

However, I am confident that any mental obstacle I face, I can overcome.

I have a set of tools to get through it that I’ve learned over time, I have people around me to help me through those moments, and I have overcome everything else in my life to this point, so why can’t I overcome this one?


I am realistic – I am learning I can’t always curb my negative thoughts immediately.

“It takes time you get your mind right.”


And I’ll take my time if that means getting it right.





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