Take a breath.

Throughout this period of quarantine that we are all currently in, I was worried at first that I would be bored all of the time.

Fortunately, I have been keeping myself busy.

I am super thankful to be able to work still – I’ve had plenty to do every single day while working from home.

I am able to spend time at home with my family and enjoy their company.

I am able to catch up on projects that I’ve put to the side.

I’ve been able to still golf, as it is about as safe of activity as any.


Through all of this, despite the many things I am still doing, I didn’t think I’d ever be super busy.

However, I found myself being so busy a few days recently, I felt overwhelmed.

Not stressed – just worn a bit (more so mentally).


I realized I hadn’t taken any time to reflect, write or journal in 3 or 4 days.


For me, that’s actually a long time.

I didn’t give my mind time to rest and look upon what was going on around me.


That time of reflection and relaxation is so important to me and I was kind of leaving myself in the dust by just keeping busy.


I did realize the most important piece, though: No matter how busy I feel I am or actually am, I always have time to take a breath.

To take a breath for my mind, my body, and my world around me.


A breath to reset, reflect, relax.


I encourage you today to take a breath.

No matter how busy or bored, it’s nice to just take a moment to take it all in…


And simply breathe.



One thought on “Take a breath.

  1. Such an awesome reminder to take time to breathe! The days, and pretty soon the weeks and life, it seems, is passing swiftly. To take time to just be, and breathe….and take in the simplicity of life and its blessings is amazing.


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