Planning while being present.

For as long as I can remember, I can’t wait for next steps in life.

I am always looking forward to everything that is going to come next, how I am going to do it, etc.

I am someone who is borderline obsessed with organization – I just love being able to get my ducks in a row.

It makes me feel very prepared and having a general plan gives me confidence going forward.


However, for a long time, I would find myself in a “future-only” mindset.

I would never really be in the moment – I’d always be waiting, waiting, waiting.

Then, once the moment came, it felt like it would fly by and I’d just move on to what is coming next.


That’s not a great way to experience life.


Over time, I have learned how to stay present while continuing to plan.

The biggest thing that helps me is setting time to plan.

I don’t want to be planning 24/7 (although I enjoy the process).

I want to look forward for a little bit, align myself where I feel I need to be, and then keep moving.


As we know, our minds are incredibly powerful.

When we can put our mind in the right space, we can do anything.

When our mind is in the wrong space, it can be detrimental.

I felt like I was in that detrimental place for awhile yesterday – I was just in a space where I was thinking about how things could go wrong instead of how they could go right.


It’s not only about presence – it’s also about positivity.

Cliche, yes, but staying positive amongst the presence is important.

It’s easy to be negative when the world isn’t spinning our way.


So, when I’m planning, I am just trying to set myself up as best as I can for success and trying to keep that positive outlook.


Once I’ve completed my “plan”, I move on and get back to the moments at hand.


One thing I always try to remember is that any moment can be special.

If we have our minds somewhere else, it’s too easy to miss out on a moment.


I want to experience every moment that comes my way…

While also being prepared for the next one.



2 thoughts on “Planning while being present.

  1. Good Morning,  Just reviewing a couple of your posts, very good that you are aware of being distracted and not present, also of being able to sit and wait on things w/out getting spun up or feeling like you need to control something. Control is an illusion……………we think we are controlling something but it is controlling us by engaging us to engage in it – it goes far deeper – 

    As for being present – yes planning, and being prepared are good things but can be overwhelming because we forget to allow our faith to work. We cant rely or trust if we feel we are in 100% control.  Then when we get off track a bit as you share here, we feel anxious, we feel unprepared or question what we are prepared for. Its satans way of sneaking in and making us go in circles when we just need to wait – allow the lord to move, seek the lord for any insecurities and all the spirit to move us. He hears the groanings of our heart when we dont even pray. ( bible 101 ) Rom 8:26 I am so proud of you nelson for seeking out ways to occupy your time, search for new things, experience what you know and grow. God is in all of this, the unsure present,  the unsure future. Pray for it all, he will guide you to things and help you adjust your planning and preparedness.  Be strong!!!! I hope your Friday is Faaaaaaaaabulous.  I love you,  Dad


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