As I have now completed my undergraduate studies at Rockhurst University, I am starting to think a bit more about my future.

Where I want to go, what I want to do, how I can try to get there, etc.

My goals – my dreams – are ahead of me.


I have experienced something odd recently.

When I am awake, I am thinking about the possibilities for success.

However, for 5 nights in a row, while asleep, I keep dreaming about failure.

These dreams are covering all walks of life.

I find it odd that these dreams are so prominent in my “sleeping” mind.

I deal with fear very well and I don’t let it crowd my vision like I used to.


However, I am realizing something from this:

Fear is natural. No matter if we let it affect us heavily or not, it’s always there.

There are things to be fearful of.


However, we are stronger than that!

We can overcome any fears and concerns that we face.

I know that there are 3 words that I try to focus on when I am fearful:

  • Breathe. Start with the physical body relaxing.
  • Knowledge. Know the abilities/wisdom you already have and take those into account before jumping into a situation.
  • Confidence. Be confident in the abilities/wisdom you possess. We don’t know everything and we can’t do everything, but we can do our best with what we have – we should always feel confident that we can at least do that.

So when I look at achieving goals/dreams, all I can do is put my best foot forward, breathe, know, and be confident.


After all, if I am not putting my foot forward, I am putting my foot into fear.


It’s not fun being stuck in fear and it makes life hard when you can’t move with it.


I encourage you to curb your fears today and take that step forward.


Best foot forward.


For me and you.



One thought on “Dreams.

  1. aaaah yes the dreaded fear, what lies within it, what makes it what it is, what part of it deserves credibility and what part of it is foolishness and only being used to drain us of any goodness we could bring to the lord.  i dont dream much, never have, too many things on my mind all the way from when i was a kid to now, i only sleep for 2 hours then wake up, back to sleep, wake up………so it goes until i just relent and get up. Its my mind nelson, its always spinning/turning and I know it will likely take yrs off my life but it hasnt stopped. Maybe when i stop working professionally it will go away to some degree.  I dont worry I just think……….my mind thinks too much I pray you have more rest than me, I pray your dreams cease and are only good ones!!! I love you,  Dad


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