Just do it.

Throughout the many decisions we have to make each and every day in life, there seems to always be plenty of hesitation.

Whether that hesitation comes from fear of bad results, analyzing outcomes, not understanding processes, or other factors, we find ourselves not committing to decisions that we “should” make.


Throughout my own life, I’ve found that it always makes me feel good to just go for it…

To just do it.


I am someone who likes to analyze and my brain feels safe taking time.

And when I say “just do it”, I don’t mean to always just jump into something immediately as it arises.

However, I do believe that you should trust yourself – “go with your gut”.


The longer we spend dilly-dallying in “what-if”, the more likely it is that our opportunity goes away or our decision is wrongly influenced.


The reason why this topic is on my mind today is because recently I found myself overthinking many decisions and thoughts I had.

I just found myself sitting there accomplishing nothing except confusing myself and trying to convince myself of all kinds of “facts”.


All I know is this:

  • I trust myself. I have confidence that the decisions I am making are the best ones for myself in terms of becoming better each day and seeking to learn and grow.
  • I know what I need. I am not going to dilly-dally in uncertainty or in something that feels off.
  • I have hope. I know that I don’t always make the right decisions, but I always hope that what I’m doing in each step of life is the best one for me and the world around me.


I encourage you to analyze what next steps you have to take and when it’s time to take them, don’t hesitate.

Trust yourself and your ability to know what’s best for you.


Besides, who knows YOU better than… YOU?


Just do it.



One thought on “Just do it.

  1. Such good and encouraging words for those of us overthinkers. We miss many opportunities in life because of thinking through the ‘what if’s’. Thanks for the reminder to gather the information, and then move to action….just do it. xo Mom


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