Throughout the uncertainty that life brings, I always try to hope for the best.

I understand that often times, things don’t turn out like I think they will or how I want them to.

However, there’s always a chance that the stars align.

I know I will do all that I can with what I can control, but as far as what’s out of my hands, all I have is hope:

Hope that the chips fall correctly – hope that the people around me are caring and trying – hope that the people around me are reliable and loyal – hope that I can trust the world around me.


We always have hope and we need hope.

Although they say “don’t get your hopes up”, I think we should always get our hopes up.

I know I do.

Is it disappointing when something doesn’t work out?

Of course!


However, I know that there are so many opportunities for the next piece to work out.

I know that if it’s not now, there’s always a chance that it could work out later.

You never know!


I think that I would rather live a life where I expect and strive for greatness and sometimes fail, rather than expect the worst and sometimes achieve better.

I need my mindset in those hopeful places.

I couldn’t live life expecting the worst – I’ve been in that place before.

The success feels flukey – the pain/failure feels normal.

I don’t want any of us to experience that!


I want all of us to experience success – goodness – joy – peace.


We should always be hopeful.

Hopeful for all of those things.

Hopeful that life hands us the good.


We have every chance and opportunity in the world.

Let’s take each one with a hopeful hand and move forward.


It’s going to all work out.

I don’t just hope…

I know.




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