How am I doing?

As this is a time where the world has slowed down a bit, I am sure we are all reflecting a bit.


This morning, I am reflecting on my reminders.


I made a post when the year 2020 started about my 2020 “reminders”.

I don’t like to make resolutions – I just set reminders.


I want to remind myself of what’s important, where I should be, and why I am who I am.

There’s no pressure to always follow, but I know that these reminders are helpful to me.


So, as we have completed 3 months of the year so far, I look back and realize I’ve done an excellent job of giving myself reminders.

The more you remind yourself, the more likely you will get those things done.

I am not 100% effective – I sometimes remind myself of something and I just roll my eyes and do something else.

But, I am always aware that that’s not the best choice.

We as humans make the “easy” choices all the time.

It’s in our nature.


Right now, in quarantine, it’s really easy for me to sit around and eat.

It’s easy to not be as active.

However, I know that a walk and an orange would do me a lot better than the couch and some chips.

No matter the decisions I make, I won’t beat myself up about it.

It’s a good thing that I know better and can make more than one decision.

Because if we didn’t, we would always make the “poor” choice without even knowing.


I am always trying my best to make the right choices.

I won’t always make the right choice, but I know that it is there.

That’s a good feeling.


Life is full of choices.

I hope that you can reflect on your year thus far and see the many good choices you made for yourself and others around you.

Also, remind yourself to keep setting those reminders.

They’ll set you on a good path.


Stay safe.





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