Staying busy.

Throughout this quarantine time, I see and hear many people trying to find things to do to keep themselves busy.

This is certainly a time where many of us have free time that we don’t really know what to do with.

Free time is never a bad thing – it gives us an opportunity to get things done that we need to do or to relish in new experiences that we’ve always wanted to try or visit.

However, I used to find myself using my free time poorly.


Really, I wasn’t using it at all.


I was sitting around, bored, doing nothing productive.

What I found I did in my free time was overthink.

I began to question myself about everything in life, I was always worried I wasn’t doing the right things or that I should be doing something, I began to fall into negative thoughts and places I didn’t need to be in.

After a while, I had to make plans on courses of action during my free time.

Not only just to figure out what I could do, but how to get my butt out of the bed or my chair.

Over the past year, I’ve found keeping myself busy is easy – not only because my schedule has changed, but because I have a plan.

I have an imagination, I have ambitions, and I have goals…

All aligned with a little plan.

It helps that during this time of quarantine that I have a job that I can do at home, so I’m still working full-time.

However, there isn’t a dull moment in life when I have dull moments in time.

Be creative – be prepared.

I encourage you to create a plan for yourself on how to stay busy.

Make a to-do list, check out things around the house you can do to help yourself or your family/roommates, etc.

There’s always plenty to do – especially with a plan.


One thought on “Staying busy.

  1. amen – proverbs 16:27  we have to have a plan to keep the enemy out of things where all he wants to do is destroy them, rob us of our joy, steal our minds of good things and takes us out of relationships, especially with self shame and self worth/doubt.  I pray your plan is ever changing, I pray your mind is ever moving, I pray your heart is listening and growing as the spirit moves you. I pray your GUARD is UP and your Weapons are Ready.  Stay the course !!!! I love you, Dad


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