Quarantine questions.

During this time of quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing, I can tell that everyone, including myself, has many questions and worries about the situation we are in.

I, thankfully, am blessed to be in a place where I have food, shelter, medicine, etc.

Not everyone has that, and in a time like this, that is hard to think about.

I know we all want everyone to stay safe and healthy.

I just hope everyone can get resources to do so, and if I can help in any way, I want to do that for those around me that need help.


Along with my worry for the health and safety of others, I also worry about many things in my own life:

  • When will it be back to “normal”?
  • What if it doesn’t get back to “normal”?
  • What if I don’t get to do the activities I wanted to do?
  • What if I can’t see my friends for awhile?


There are so many more things I have seemed to ask myself and worried about lately, but I want to remind myself and all of you the important things:


As I’ve said in my past few posts, life is full of chapters.

Unfortunately, we are all in the midst of an unideal chapter.

This chapter isn’t fun, but not all of them are going to be fun.

In fact, we’ve all already experienced chapters in our lives that were not fun.

We know what it’s like to deal with uncertainty.


It’s not fun…

But we will get through it.

We have gotten through every trial in life to this point, so we will get through this one.


This time, where we have plenty of time to reflect, we are also reminded of the many blessings and simple parts of life.

Time, family, food, breathing, nature…


Simplicities and blessings.

Embrace the world and those around you, because they are all special and important to us.


Although we all have some questions/anxieties at the moment, this is just a chapter.

We will all make our way through it and do our best to enjoy what we have in the moment.


Stay safe and stay healthy.



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