Forever RU.

I’m sad.

Sad that this chapter is ending so quickly.

4 years at Rockhurst is coming to an abrupt halt, as they have closed campus and moved to online coursework for the final 8 weeks of my college life.

It doesn’t affect me much in terms of daily schedule, as the only “class” I have this semester is my internship, so I continue to work and fulfill the hours for my internship course.

However, for all of us seniors, it does affect our schedule in that we won’t get our last formal, our last game/tournament, our last concert, our last final, etc.


It stinks.

It stinks for everyone, not just the senior students. It stinks for faculty and staff who have planned and worked so hard to make experiences and provide learning for the students. It stinks for the other students who also lose out on experiences and learning. It stinks for the community who expected all of Rockhurst’s outreach throughout the spring.


However, just because we are all limited doesn’t mean we are done.

We will continue to meet on our own time, whoever it may be, to continue to experience life together.


As many of us have posted in my fraternity’s group chat, brotherhood and friendship never end.

Just because we miss a few events doesn’t mean we miss out on our whole lives together as people.

We will continue to be there for each other through it all, from wherever we are.


This goes for all of us.

As people, we need to be there for each other, as this is such a difficult time for everyone in all aspects of life.


Remember: The page that turns may be the end of a chapter, but it’s never the end of a story.


To all of my fellow seniors, I wish you all luck in wherever life takes you next, but know this isn’t over. We are all together and hopefully, we get a graduation ceremony to send us all off in a beautiful way. Even if we don’t, know that your hard work and accomplishments don’t go unnoticed and we all deserve the best.


To everyone: Keep your head up. This is a hard time for all of us, but we will all get through it… TOGETHER.


To Rockhurst: Thank you for all of the learning. I’m sure I will have a more focused post about my specific Rockhurst experience in the future, but I am just so thankful for what I learned and experienced in my time at RU.


Also, it’s okay to be sad in a time like this.

Life is hard.

This is hard.


But, we are all stronger.


Here’s to the next chapter…


For all of us.



One thought on “Forever RU.

  1. im sorry nelson, this stuff really stinks, sounds like the only way to get food these days is door dash too no restaurants are open we closed 71% of our sprint stores too 

    the world has gone crazy nutz over this deal  stinky poo for sure  i love you and am thinking about you dad 


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