Hand me downs.

Earlier this morning, I was doing some normal reflecting and in the background, the song “Hand Me Downs” by Mac Miller was playing.

Although that song is not about what I was thinking about, I made a quick allegorical connection to what I was thinking about and the words “hand me downs”.


When I am reflecting, I’m not just taking notice that something happened – I am making sure to learn from it.

Every time we go through anything in life, it is important to take what you went through and apply that learning to yourself going forward.

Otherwise, we aren’t really learning, growing, or reflecting.


In a similar way that parents hand down lessons to their children and old clothes to their children (hence the phrase “hand me downs”), I want to hand down the learning that my past self experienced and implement it into the now.


I want to keep feeding myself with learning… Familiar learning.


Often times, when we receive “hand me downs”, they aren’t super exciting or amazing gifts.

But they are oh-so-useful.

And they are always meant with care and intention.


Each time I give myself a “life reminder” (that I’ve probably given myself 1,000 times), I don’t always get super excited about it.

However, I know that it’s in my best interest and I’m looking after myself by learning.


Whenever I give myself a “hand me down”, it’s so I can continue to grow and give my future selves more and more “hand me downs”.

The more in my arsenal, the better.


Going off of that, I will also have more “hand me downs” for others too – my learning and experiences can help others.

All I have to do is give someone one of my “hand me downs” that I learned through my own reflection.


You never know who could need that mental “hand me down”… that life lesson.


So, today, I encourage you just to take in the learning you’ve received lately and give back to yourself and others.


Hand me downs…


Pass it on.




One thought on “Hand me downs.

  1. Amen! Life experiences, no matter how painful, are opportunities to learn and grow…and allow God to take us to new places and help people because of it. You are so on with this!


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