Reflecting from the ER.

As you know, last week (a week ago today) I made a post about how I was sick and pushing through that.

Well, the last 6 days were pretty rough! (Hence my week-long absence from posting.)

I had bad flu-like symptoms on Tuesday and Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday my voice was completely gone and fried, and then yesterday, as I was feeling my best I had felt since getting sick, I had an episode.

Unfortunately, it was not related to the sickness.

I had eaten something, not sure specifically what, but after about 30 minutes, I hived up from my forehead to my knees, just all over my body. My lips and chin completely swelled up and went numb, and my airways began to close.

So, I spent the better part of the afternoon yesterday at the ER getting steroids, meds, breathing treatments, and the like to reduce my hives and get me back in shape.


So, looking back at my crummy week culminating with yesterday’s episode, I realized something that was connected to my post from last week.

I posted last week about how your mindset can dictate so much about how you get through a sickness.

I started the week off with a good mindset – ready to kick my sickness to the curb.

As it continued to get worse, I was still hopeful, but becoming discouraged.

Then, with yesterday, I tried not to get frustrated.

“When will this end?”


In reality, yesterday reminded me of a different mindset after reflecting awhile.


I noticed how although I sometimes became discouraged, I never turned off my hope and my calmness (which was especially important during a highly allergic reaction like I had yesterday).

I just said to myself “let’s go take care of this and get better. However long better takes.”


We always think that if we do the right things, what we want should happen right away.


When I rest, take my meds, and have a good mindset, I expect to get over my sickness quickly.

It didn’t happen that way.

However, maintaining patience and trusting that you are doing the right thing makes it a lot easier when it’s taking longer than you want it to.


This goes for anything in life – when you are striving to get through something, better something, do something, or simply get over a sickness, we need to continue to trust that what we are doing is all we can do.


We can only control so much, so let’s continue to do our best with what we have in our hands.


It always seems to take longer than we want it to, but if we are doing the right things, it will all work out.


Thankfully, I am feeling pretty well this morning, my voice is starting to come back a little, and I got the day off of work because we had an event this weekend.

I’ll continue to take it easy and continue to take the right steps towards getting better.


Hopefully, you can take those right steps today towards where you need to go – wherever that may be.

Just remember – it doesn’t always happen right away.

Trust yourself, trust the process.


It’ll all work out for us.



One thought on “Reflecting from the ER.

  1. Mindset….so powerful! That aligns so well with Uncle Steve’s mantra “Your attitude determines your altitude”. Thanks for the reminder!


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