Well, I’m feeling sick again today.

I don’t usually feel sick that often, but it has hit me harder this winter.


Regardless, me being at work while being sick made me think of a joke I always tell people:

“It’s all mental” is what I say when someone I know is sick or down about something.


In reality, of course it’s not, but I do say that with some substance.

What I mean when I say this is that although something that was out of your control happened, you still have the capacity to control your own stuff.


We will get sick. We will feel pain. We will get screwed over.

“It’s all mental” is just my joking reminder that your mindset can go a long way.

As I’ve felt sick, and I do this every time I feel sick, I immediately try to make myself active and push through it.

The better the attitude, the better the results.


If you sulk in your sickness and your pain, it’s hard to go anywhere.


We never want our sickness or our pain to last, so our mindset is crucial in getting through those trials.


So, whether you’re feeling sick, down, angry, confused, or anything you may be feeling, just know that you can still control a powerful force: Your mindset.


I am taking the mindset of “sick today, better tomorrow”.


What’s your mindset?



One thought on “Overcoming.

  1. oh maaaaan im sorry you are feeling sick, is it like a cold/flu or stomach or head or whats going on ? 

    did you get sick in st louis or before you left?  i love you,  Dad


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