Why wait?

2 days ago, I was doing a bit of planning.

Nothing out of the ordinary, just outlining the next few weeks as I look at my calendar and such.

I caught myself doing something that I do often:

I made an excuse as to why I could wait to do something.


Not necessarily procrastination (I get too anxious to put things off), but more so not being proactive.


There are always places in my life that I feel I can improve.

Many of those places are new things – I need to take a new step to implement them in my life.

There are things that I have put off for a while because “I don’t need to do that right now.”


But what if I did?


It amazes me that us as humans look at something that will objectively improve our mental, physical, emotional, social health and we decide not to do it because “it can wait” or “we don’t need to”.


The question is: Why wait?


Why should we always wait to do things?

If there is an opportunity for improvement, we should seek it.


The old saying “opportunity knocks” comes to mind…

When someone knocks at the door, we don’t wait a week to open the door.

We go open the door!


Just like someone coming to your door, opportunity is there for a reason: You.

Whatever opportunity it may be, just know that the longer you wait, the longer you wait to improve that area of your life.


We always talk about how hard it is to be patient and to wait on things to happen.


So if we can make something happen ourselves and improve…


Why wait?





One thought on “Why wait?

  1. Such good simple words…but we find it so hard to take action sometimes. Thank you for the encouragement, Nelson, to move forward now…especially for things that will improve our lives, relationships, love etc. You are an inspiration!


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