I listen to A LOT of music.

Music of all genres – music that covers all kinds of subjects/themes.

Music is beautiful and I don’t know what I’d do without it.


My favorite thing that music gives me reminders of is “relation”.

I go about my own life every day feeling all kinds of emotions and feelings.

When I lay my head down at night, I sometimes wonder if people feel the same way when they experience something that I experienced.


When I listen to music, I so often relate to things that the artists are saying – I can relate to their emotions.

I feel what they feel.

It’s weird to think you can relate to someone who lives such a different life, but we all really do feel the same feelings. We just all have different experiences and paths to get to those feelings.


Music is a form of art that many use to paint the pictures that are created in their mind through their actions, emotions, etc.


It is honestly a beautiful feeling to experience when you are listening to music and the picture they are painting is one that you’ve painted in your own mind.

You can see the intricacies – you can see how the emotions affect their mind – you can see it all.

And you don’t even know them.

But those pictures – those art forms – those songs… they give you a picture of someone’s mind that you otherwise wouldn’t know.


The takeaway I have today is to not just listen to music (because music is awesome and we should all listen to music today), but to remember that we all do feel the same feelings.

We experience joy, pain, confusion, peace, and everything in between in a day.

We all do. We just have different paths to get there.


Music does give us that picture, but most people around us don’t have the opportunity to give us THEIR picture.


Basically, you never know what someone is going through or feeling.

Be kind and reach out to others today.

Make sure they’re doing alright and that you make a positive impact on their day.


Let’s listen to music, be a light to others, and keep painting pictures,




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