What I have learned in 2 years.

I received a message from WordPress today because it is a special day:

Today is the 2 year anniversary of me creating this blog.


As I sit here and reflect on where I started with my writing, where I was as a person, and how my blog has affected my life and others, I am just thankful for learning and growth.

I think the most basic learning that I’ve done is simply how to write.

I’ve had to learn how to structure sentences, expand my vocabulary, translate a mental image into word form, and just learned how to tell my story.


The deeper learning I have gotten is the multi-layered self-learning I’ve gotten.

I have learned so much about how I function emotionally, how I think about things, what helps me analyze situations, and just who I am.

Knowing who you are and how you work is so important.


I hope that over time, one or many of my posts has helped you as much as it has helped me.

I look back at many of my previous posts to remind myself of where I was, how I made it through a similar emotion/situation, and just to see how I’ve grown.


The goal of this blog will never change – I use it to help me put my thoughts into writing as I make my way through life, but ultimately I want my stories and thoughts to help all of my readers be able to better maneuver through life themselves.

Whether it be reflection, emotions, or just simple everyday actions, I want this blog to continue to be a hub for learning for myself and my readers.


So, thank you for supporting my learning as I continue to do my best to provide learning and experience to you.


The 2 years of this blogging journey have been so awesome, but the best is yet to come.


Let’s keep learning and growing.

2 thoughts on “What I have learned in 2 years.

  1. It has been awesome watching your grow through this journey. Your transparency and wisdom has been a gift to many. Thank you for being real, it is refreshing in this world. I am super proud of you and exciting to see where you and Lord continue to take this. ❤️ Mom


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