Reflecting on… reflection.

I don’t know if I will ever stop talking about self-reflection itself, but something new came up this morning as I was reflecting on my past few weeks.

There are times when I sit down, reflect on something, and move forward with the mindset that comes from that reflection.


I’ve learned that I don’t always reflect well or that I’m not always right in how I feel.


When I reflect, I am often wrong.

My times of reflection come from a place of wanting to understand my thoughts, my emotions and the world around me.

Often times, even after reflecting and analyzing, I am still unsure of what my mind is doing, my heart is doing, or what the world is doing.


The point of reflection isn’t to make things perfect – it’s to make things clearer.

I know that every time I think about something, I won’t always be right.

I have to do more than just look inwardly to find answers.

I have to mold everything around me to understand what is going on.


My reflection time is very important to me, and although I don’t get clarity or “answers” from every time of reflection, each moment I spend in reflection helps me tremendously.


Reflection helps me with patience, emotional intelligence, overall understanding of myself and others, breathing, self-control, decision making, and much more.

If it weren’t for those times of reflection, I wouldn’t learn much.


I love being able to just analyze, write, and think.

There’s a peace about moments of reflection that go unmatched.


Going forward, I want to continue to use my time of reflection to better every area of my life, while remembering that not every moment of reflection will lead to clarity…


Which means I will need to do a little more reflection…


I am always glad to keep reflecting.




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