Cherish life.

Yesterday, I handed the microphone over to my friend as I finished my “mini-speech” that I gave at my fraternity’s event.

Soon after, myself and most of us at the event found out about the tragic passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, among others who also passed away in a helicopter crash.

The room soon lost its air and we were all shocked.


Then, last night, one of my good friends at Rockhurst University (someone who I’ve shared “Friendsgiving” and many small group hangouts with) experienced the tragic loss of her older brother.


Yesterday was very difficult for many.

Although I didn’t lose someone immediately close to me, it hit me like a freight train yesterday.

At first, I was more stunned by the loss that we experienced yesterday rather than feeling emotional…

Until I started to reflect a bit.


In the past few years, I’ve lost my maternal grandparents, an aunt, an uncle, a cousin, and a few other relatives.

I’ve dealt with a lot of loss.

Also, in the past year, I’ve heavily felt the losses of Mac Miller and Juice Wrld. Those two musicians are constantly in my “most listened to artists” section in Spotify…

And they’re gone, too.


In a time like this, it’s hard to fathom how much hurt is going on.


Not only was Kobe Bryant a legend of basketball, but he is also one of the most recognizable figures of my lifetime across all aspects of life.

Kobe Bryant, Mac Miller, Juice Wrld… those men touched the lives of so many in all different ways.

Their families are hurting, their fans are hurting… we’re all hurting.


Then, I begin to reflect on the loss that my family and I have gone through.

It seems as if every year I lose someone close to me.


Long story short, it’s just a lot.


In the midst of the loss we experienced yesterday, I send out my prayers and best wishes to the Bryant family, the Holden family, and all of those affected by yesterday’s loss.


Moving forward, I want us all to cherish life a little more.

It’s very cliche, but we really do only have so much time together on Earth.

Cherish those that you love.

Cherish each moment as it comes to you.

Cherish the aspects of life that make you smile and feel at peace. Do that more.


Life is really hard, especially in a time like this, but don’t forget about how incredibly amazing it is, too.

Look around at all that you have and what you’re thankful for.

There’s so much to love about life.

At the same time, I know it’s hard to look past the loss, but I have found that it helps me to look at the amazing times of joy, love, and companionship that I had with my family members who have passed, the music that my favorite artists made that have passed, and just reflecting on the pictures/words/messages/memories of all of those who are no longer physically with us.


As they say, “they may be gone, but their spirit forever lives.”


Cherish that spirit and your own spirit.

Cherish your soul and your health (physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.)

Cherish your family, friends, and all of those who make your life beautiful.

Cherish life.


God bless.





2 thoughts on “Cherish life.

  1. much loss, much sadness, much reason to stay connected and share the lord with others so we can be with them in eternity, its scary thinking of losing those we love, i dont want to leave this life early, I want to make lots of memories and be a good worker for the lord – faith and hope is all we have, we have signed up for long suffering in the lord because satan will try to stop us from all angles. He knows we are dangerous to his agenda, tuff luck Sdawg, we have the power of the Lord and Weapons of HIM to defeat you no matter how much you hurt us or what you throw at us.  I getting ready to read phils new book, probably need to go back and re read his first one just to refresh.  I helped sell 19 dozen of them yest and 180 study guides for it, great day!!! I love you nelson, be strong!!! Dad

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  2. We have been through so much loss, and it has affected us each in so many ways. No one can even begin to understand our walk through grief, as it is so individual. However, the One who does understand, has been our rock, our strength and our hope during these difficult days. The eternal perspective is what gets us through. I am proud of you in being real with your feelings, and working through them to use them to help others. He allows us to experience things, and learn from them, be molded through them to then use for His glory. You have a good heart and mind, and will continue to let Him use you, and all of us through these tragedies. We will continue to stick together and be a strength for each other as these triggers come up. I love you…thanks for being real and authentic. You are amazing. Mom

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