It’s another snow day here in Kansas City.

I have always loved the snow and the cold.

I definitely am jealous of all of the skiers in other places – I’d love to be on the mountains right now!


However, I am here.

The snow is a bit of a reflection of how my brain is feeling today.

A bit frozen.


It’s not that I’m unable to think, I’m just a bit dormant.

Relaxing without trying to relax.

And on a day like today – that’s okay.


I always get frustrated when I have a “writer’s block” of sorts.

I want to be able to send a message out every weekday here.

However, I’m never going to force anything.

I thought about not posting today, but my brain being “frozen” actually created a reminder.


The reminder: We feel different every day.

It’s not every day that I will have a specific, crafted message for the readers of my blog.

It’s not every day that I will be in the same mood.

It’s not every day that I have the same things going on.


Each day is unique.

Each of us is unique.


As I am reminded of the differences/changes that we experience in life, I am accepting of a frozen brain.


It still works – it’s just a little cold today.

Feeling a little different.


And the only reason is that it’s just a new day.

I accept the feelings today brings, the feelings yesterday brought, and the feelings that will come tomorrow.

All different…

But all right.


For you, I hope you find rest in what you are feeling today.

Whatever it may be – understand that it is just part of the day.


Today, the day is snowy, cold, and a bit frozen.


It’s still a good day to have a good day.



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