How I learn.

As I reflect on the last two weeks of my life, I recognize that many things that happened were not ideal.

Although I had many things not go my way, I never found myself becoming stressed or impatient.

I was disappointed that it wasn’t going well, but I knew it was things I can’t control.

That is something I have come to learn: No matter how well you control what’s in your hands, sometimes what’s out of your control can still tear you down.

You can only do so much.


However, we always think we can do it all.

Until you take a step back and realize that some things aren’t your fault (even though they suck to deal with), you can’t come to peace with your problems.


I have also become much better at recognizing problems/trials as helpful instead of hurtful.

They always are hurtful in the moment, but once the moment passes, the next 1,000 moments are better because of the learning you gained.

I’ll take hurting one moment to get 100 good moments.


The moral of all of this reflection is that I know how I learn.

I learn through my experiences (as we all do), but I take away the same things I do from success, from stillness, from failure, from emotions, from actions, from family, from strangers.


I take away what’s important to me and my growth.

That is different for everyone, but it is so important to know what you need to grow.


There is always something in everything that can help you.

You just have to find it.



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