A little lost.

Fortunately, I’m not lost in thought, but sometimes my thoughts put me in a place where I am lost.

I am always thinking about something – we all are.

I am someone who constantly is playing out scenarios in my head. I am looking to see how something might play out based on the decisions I have already made, decisions I have yet to make, and the factors around me that are presently affecting a situation.

I tend to overwhelm myself with possibilities, leading to the point where I am tired.

Quite frankly… exhausted.


Lately, I’ve been exhausted.


The analytics I am running through my brain are never-ending and I just would love a break.

However, my brain doesn’t take a break until I receive an answer.

My brain is smart enough to know that shutting down in the middle of solving a problem is not an ideal action.

So what do I do?

Keep grinding.


There are pros and cons to this behavior, mainly the pros being perseverance and determination, while the cons are getting in my own way and wearing myself down.

It’s honestly physical and emotional tiredness.

I not only need to rest my brain and my heart, but I feel I need to just shut down my feelings tank.

It always seems to be so full, so I don’t really know how to shut it off.


But… I am learning.

I am learning to help myself take a break when I am wearing myself down analytically.

I am learning to shut down the feelings and turn on the presence.

I am learning a lot… all the time.


I just want to get to the point where I am finally getting away from all of the projections.

A life lesson from a young man who continues to learn: Living in the future or the past isn’t living at all.


Life is so unenjoyable when you can’t be in the moment.

It’s good to reflect – it’s good to project – but it’s not good to never enjoy and feel the present moment.


Without ever living in the moment, you’ll never experience anything as it happens.


I am a little lost – but I’m finding my way.



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