Drawing circles.

Lately, I feel as if the problems I face in my life as the problems I have faced before.

For me, it’s easy to turn these “recurring” problems into self-doubt.


– If I have had these problems before, why am I having them again?

– Why can’t I fix the problem as it’s still here?


It’s always been easy to be hard on myself.

I think we are all that way.

We know what our weaknesses are – we know what we are capable of – so when something goes awry, especially something where you feel like you know better, it can be hard to deal with.


I just feel like life is so easy to just keep drawing circles.


Although we experience a problem and eventually figure it out, we often find ourselves right back where we started: a problem.

I understand that life is just that way – we go through something and find a solution.

Life is all about getting through the obstacles through the support you have around you and the gifts you have as a unique individual.


Life is harsh and beautiful in that way.


I’ve found that when you get in that pattern of drawing circles, however, life feels a bit more harsh.


I want to be able to draw more shapes.

I want to do more than go in life’s normal circle.


However, I also am realistic that although I can shape parts of my life, life definitely shapes me.


The takeaway from all of this for me today is that I am okay with having problems in life, but not okay with letting that drag me down.

I find myself in a mental place today where I am just letting the struggles get to my head.


I know that I’ll get to the “solutions” eventually.


All I want is to be able to get to the other side of the circle.
Then, it will be time to draw another shape…


Hopefully more than just the same old circle.



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