The grind.

As I begin to work full-time this week at my internship, I am reminded of how busy my next 8 weeks will be:

  • Working 40 hours a week will be a new task of time management and challenges. However, I really enjoy my job and I’m excited about the busyness of the golf season to come!
  • Speaking of which, golf season is right around the corner, which means I will need to practice a lot more to get ready for the final season of my college golf career.
  • My fraternity is in the midst of super busy times! It feels like we have multiple events per week until the end of the semester, which is exciting, but it will be a lot!
  • Graduation is only 8 weeks away, so I have that to look forward to as coursework begins to wrap up!
  • My podcast and my blog are also going to continue to take up some time, as I am always creating content behind the scenes and publishing everything when it’s ready.


I feel as if I only covered a piece of what’s coming up in the busyness of the spring, but no matter how busy it gets, I am excited for the grind.

There are a few sentences that I find myself saying in my head as I go about each day, and one of the most prominent is “it’s a grind… keep going and love the grind.”


No matter where we find ourselves in a day, we are always doing something/working on something.

It’s good to have a full schedule, but you have to be ready for the grind.

If you don’t love your schedule, I suggest you change some things.

If life is always a grind and we don’t love the daily grind, then life probably won’t be much fun.


They say you have to “love what you do” and what we all do is life.


It’s so important to find those pieces that make the busyness and the grind so worth it.


I encourage you to reflect on what your schedule looks like and if each piece of your schedule feels right for you.

It’s not hard to change your schedule – you never know if changing your schedule could lead to changing your life.



One thought on “The grind.

  1. Yes, this!!! Know your life goals so work, or something else, doesn’t become your life. Enjoy this once granted gift of life! ❤️ Mom


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