Moving forward.

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve been very critical of myself.

I am being nitpicky about what I want to be better at, what I need to “fix”.

Originally, it was solely in a negative outlook.

I was looking at these things in my life and viewing them as “you’re not good enough“.


It took me hours.

Hours to turn that negativity off.

I’m never satisfied with who I am, but not in the way where I am never proud of myself.


I was able to turn “you’re not good enough” to “you’re enough, but it’s time to be better.”


It’s not easy to turn off internal negativity, but once you do, it’s amazing where you can go.

I talk all the time about how writing down my thoughts, creating new goals on paper, and creating a plan to try to succeed gets me a long way.

I need to see it to believe it, basically.


So, I started thinking about my newest goals to try and be better (especially related to the specific thoughts I had).

I’ve never made “New Year’s Resolutions”, but I did write down some goals for the next year.

I’ve never made “New Year’s Resolutions” because oftentimes, unless it’s a specific task, I don’t like to time-constraint my goals.

However, I am looking at 2020 as an opportunity, not an amount of time.


I have a decent number of goals, but I made sure that they are obtainable with the resources I have.

I separated them into 3 sections:

  • Health goals
  • Work goals
  • Personal/Mental goals


I created 5-8 goals for each section, slowly figuring out ways that I can better improve.

Although I came up with a relatively extensive list, I realized something important:


The best-case scenario is that all of my goals are obtained and my life (on paper) improves in those areas.


What’s more important is realizing the worst-case scenario.

If all fails and I complete zero goals, what do I have?


I have the most important thing a human can have: Support.


If crap hits the fan, my family is there.

If crap hits the fan, my friends are there.

If crap hits the fan, my faith is still there.


No matter what, I have people around me that will help me. That’s a good place to be.


Although I know this to be the case, I will never ever settle.


I will work hard to obtain my goals, but I will also keep in mind that I’m always enough.

So, to my readers today:

You are always enough.


I encourage you to write down some goals for the upcoming year, but don’t let your specific goals be what makes or breaks who you are.


We can always improve.

We can always be better.




No matter what, we always have each other.


And we are always enough.




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