Presence brings presents.

As I work harder on keeping my mind focused on the present and truly experiencing life, I am realizing that the gift of life is multi-faceted.

Often times, I think that life just brings learning and struggle, when in reality the times that I truly experience life bring me feelings of joy, connection, etc.

I’ve come to find that when my mind is present, the feelings I receive I feel immediately, whereas when my mind is not in the moment, I feel the feelings later when I analyze what happened.

I still feel those feelings when I reflect, but it’s not quite the same.


When you’re in the moment, everything changes.

The moment is the cornerstone of life.

Life is full of moments and I don’t want to let moments pass me by, whether negative or positive.


I want to feel what life sends me instead of making feelings out of where I send my mind.


That statement carries truly and deeply into my heart.

I always want to feel life as it comes, because if I feel nothing, that probably means my life feels like nothing.

I know how I can make impacts and I understand my current impacts.

I am who I am and I want to be better and make others better every day in the ways I know best.


In an allegorical sense, I want to be able to bring presents to those around me.

Use my gifts to give gifts.

I am realizing that when the moment to give gifts comes, I have to present to give my presents that I want to give others.


Life requires a lot from us every day.

Knowing this, I am taking one step at a time, with each step being focused on each moment as it is here.


Not every gift that life brings us is what we want.

However, we can take each gift and rewrap it better for the next person.

Give the gift of giving.


All it takes sometimes is a little presence.



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