Deterrence into focus.

I find it fascinating how easy it is for the mind to wander…

Wander into areas of no thought, random thought, and every thought.

I feel my mind wander back and forth between these mindsets.

It’s hard to hold a point of focus sometimes when the central thought bubble is always changing.


What I have found helps me is turning on that switch in the back of the brain:

The “awareness” switch.

We always “know” what is going on, but we don’t always turn the switch on to really, really know.

Once I turn that switch of “this is happening, what should I do?”, I find it much easier to focus on something.

Usually, that first area of focus is just focusing on getting my mind on track.

After all, there has to be a first step to everything.

That seems to be where I always start.


My mind sometimes deters me away from my focus, whereas I want to deter my mind away from distraction and towards my focus.


Being able to pivot your mind towards the right, focused direction isn’t easy and I still struggle.

However, the process of learning this is simple: Train the brain.

Train your mind to habitually recognize when you’re getting off track and help yourself get back on track.


This is all pretty broad, but the mind always has a focus and you have a focus within your daily plan.

I am finding that although the mind doesn’t always need to be in laser focus, it is helpful to at least have it turned on.


Let’s focus the mind on the motions of today.



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