Turning boredom into a blessing.

I feel that I have expressed this before, but my stance on boredom has somewhat changed.

I still don’t like boredom, but it provides different opportunities than I previously imagined it.

Over Thanksgiving break, I found many pockets of boredom.

My schedule wasn’t very full and I had completed tasks that I needed to complete.

I found myself slowly becoming more bored.

I know how dangerous boredom can be because it allows time and space for a wandering mind.

The wandering mind might be my biggest enemy.


But as I began to apply the “mind-outward”, present mindset that I’ve been working on, I realized that my pocket of boredom doesn’t mean I have to be caught up in thought…

It means I have time to do things I haven’t been able to get to.

The things that I “always have wanted to do, but don’t have time or effort for.”


That list isn’t very full at the moment, but the few things I came up with, I was able to get a start towards.

It’s always good to get a fresh start on fresh opportunities.
Anytime that we have time to spare, we can use that time to advance in the areas of our lives that we don’t think we ever have.

I found my mind running towards opportunities that I can take rather than the opportunities that I missed.


Again, I recognize that my reflection is usually very beneficial, but in times of boredom, I sometimes let my mind wander past the point of positive reflection.

I am proud of my mental progression.


The moral of this boredom story is that time should be used to our advantage.

Every second is an opportunity and I don’t want my powerful mind to hold back my ability to use those seconds (especially the free ones).


I am ready to take advantage of new opportunities and to keep my mind balanced as I work on new opportunities and reflect on them as they come and go.



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