Patience in all things.

As humans, we are always wanting our lives to be aligned exactly how we see fit.

Every day, we have to wait for something to come – usually, it’s just for a shift at work, the alarm to wake us, the car ride home, for the oven to finish cooking our dinner, etc.


When you think about it, every single day requires a lot of patience.

Oftentimes, our minds aren’t on those tasks/events.

Our minds are often on something that has already happened or that we are waiting to happen.

Patience is required for our past and our future – patience in waiting for the future to come and patience for us to be settled with what has already been.


I harp on keeping your mind in the present, but it really does help us be more patient.

When our minds are constantly fixed on something outside of the present, we find ourselves rooted deeply enough in thought that we feel stuck.

When our mind is in the present, we are actively experiencing moments.

Each moment comes and goes and we experience each one – this allows the time to go by much easier.

Experiencing each present moment as it is here in front of us is much easier to keep flowing than when your mind is fixated on one moment over and over again.


Now, there is nothing wrong with fixating your mind on those good moments for a while!

You just have to realize that the more you think about the good moments that have been or are to come, it feels like it will take forever to get to the next good moments.


But, in reality, you’re only a few present moments away.


The human timeline we create in our brains is often instant – we want everything right now because we are thinking about that thing right now.


Let’s realize that things will come when they are supposed to. The more we try to control things that aren’t in our hands, the more we begin to reach for what isn’t here and we become frustrated.

As we make our way through the next few days, I encourage you to keep your mindset on how great the present moments are and that what is coming will come when it should.

Let’s not force things – let’s not become impatient – let’s not stay fixated.

Let’s continue to flow, be present, and be patient as time moves with us, not against.


As we “wait” for the next things to come for us, the simple reminder that we are a few present moments away can serve as the foundation for proper patience.





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