Getting lost, but in the right ways.

The busyness of life sometimes brings us to get lost in everyday tasks.

In the last two weeks, I have been busy.

I am a little sad I didn’t make time to blog, but it happens.

It would be different if it was a really tough, grind-through two weeks but it hasn’t – it’s been good.

The “good” busy that life brings is working, experiencing, and living in the moments that are brought upon us.

When we are busy, we clearly have more and more moments to take in.


I don’t really love the term “getting lost” in something, but in the sense of getting lost in the goodness of moments, they can sometimes help us be found.

We find out so many things about ourselves and the world around us when we experience more and more.


“Getting lost” in those experiences is also understandable because we fall in love with the beauty of life.

Trust me – it’s a good feeling.

However, we don’t want to be lost for too long – life has more than just one or two moments.


Life keeps giving us more and more beautiful moments and busy times, so we should make sure to be found for those.


Like right now – I took a moment in space and time to recognize I hadn’t blogged in two weeks.

I had it on my calendar for today, but it came naturally.

A moment life brought – and now I’m currently experiencing it.


Every time I blog, I tend to get lost in the music in the background and in my keyboard as I began to type and think.


It’s a space I love to be in.


That’s where I encourage you to be – find the places that you love to get lost in, where eventually those places help you find yourself.


Let yourself get lost in a moment, then find yourself getting more than just a moment.



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