How to clear your mind.

What do you do when your mind is spinning its wheels?

I catch myself overthinking, over-analyzing, and being stressed out often.

It’s easy for our mind to put itself in a place that is beyond what’s going on.

Whether it’s because we feel things should be different, because we want things to be different, or we are worried that things are different and we don’t realize it, our minds can run into places that are far from the present and the reality.

It’s not fun to get caught in these places for long.

It’s okay to stretch the mind but not to stress the mind.

What I like to do when I catch my mind being stressed is start to write things down or speak my thoughts out loud.

Whether it be words on paper or words out loud, getting them in a place other than my inward thoughts helps realize what is going on up there.

Inward thoughts need to be expressed at some point – we have to see and experience them to understand them.

Once I write or speak what’s on my mind, I take some breaths.

Breathing is so simple yet incredibly important and controlling.

Give yourself a chance to breathe and go into the why – look at these thoughts on paper or as you speak them and begin to understand what they mean.

Most of the time, I realize how silly or worried I am to think something, but just because it isn’t the correct thought doesn’t mean you brush it aside and move on.

You are thinking about that thing for a reason, so whatever triggered it means something to you.

We can always learn from our thoughts, whether they are good or bad!

We can learn from everything – it’s just about knowing how you learn the best.

I learn the best through visualization and long-term analyzation. It took me a long time to figure that out, but I now understand how my mind needs to understand things.

So, for you, it might not be writing it down or speaking it out loud.

And that’s okay – we not only want to know how to learn, we want to know how to simply clear the mind.

Our minds are never really “clear” of all thought, but they can be clear of stress and overthinking.

We don’t want to stress – we want to succeed.

So, I encourage you to find what helps you clear your mind and learn.

Each step may take a while to find, but once found, can be steps to success instead of steps to stress.

P.S: Don’t forget to breathe 🙂


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