When at work a few weeks ago, a man had just finished his round of golf and came to the table I was sitting at.

I asked him how his day went, in which he replied “Not good – another bad round of golf. Just can’t seem to play well lately, but that’s how golf goes I guess. Just running out of patience with this game.”

I understand where he is coming from, as a fellow golfer, but also from a fellow human.

Life is up and down – full of inconsistencies.

I told him something I’ve had to learn over my life thus far: “Sometimes things in life require longer patience. Our timelines we create in our head usually don’t align with the timeline that is actually required.”

He slowly looked up at me and said “That’s a very profound and educated statement. I wish I had that kind of outlook at your age.”

I always appreciate a compliment, but this moment was hardly about applauding my emotional education – it was about reminding myself of this learning that I’ve obtained in my own life.

I would like to think I’ve learned a lot in my life, but I don’t always apply it or have it in front of me.

There isn’t anything specifically at the moment I am waiting for in my life, but when obstacles arise in my daily life, whether big or small, I need to be reminded that just because I think something should happen at a certain time doesn’t mean it will.

My mind’s timing versus reality’s timing are often conflicting – the tough part is we don’t often find that out until our timeline has run out.

That’s why we have to be willing to extend our timeline.

If we sincerely care about something and want it to happen, we sometimes have to realize it may take longer than we want to or longer than it “should”.

Time is something we wrestle with our whole lives, but we shouldn’t always have to fight it.

Let’s be reminded that we do indeed have time – we just have to be willing to accept when the timing is right.

Because often, we may think it is wrong/bad timing.

But when it is, it is.

Let’s keep our timelines, our minds, and our hearts open.


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