“B” focus.

The weather recently in Kansas City has been beautiful.

As I go from place to place, whether it be work, my girlfriend’s place, my home, the golf course, my friend’s house, etc., I have made it a note to appreciate the weather – spend time outside, go for walks, roll the windows down on the drives, and breathe in the beauty.

As I reflect on this weatherly focus, I have noticed I have been on the better “B” focus recently.

I have done a great job at keeping focused on my “B”lessings.

We all have so many and they go by us every day – I encourage you not to miss them.

The blessings we receive every day are often ones we don’t notice or we take advantage of – and often times the simple blessings are the most important.

Also, I realize how easy it is to have a bad “B” focus.

It’s easy to focus on the “B”rusies, the “B”ummers, and the “B”ad things going on around us.

However, don’t let the bad focus bog you down – start with finding one single blessing that is helping you in this current moment.

By starting with this moment and realizing the blessing(s) this moment is giving you, it opens your eyes to the beauty and blessings that are all around us… all the time.

I encourage you to keep the good “B” focuses today: Blessings, Beauty…

And all good that is aBound.


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