Taking time to re-react.

When anything happens in our lives, we react to what just occurred.

Our initial reaction can sometimes tell the perfect story of what is actually occurring and how we really feel, when other times we jump to conclusions and our emotions provide us with a reaction that is completely inaccurate.

I always take note of my initial reaction to things. Once I have actively realized how I feel initially, I come back to that feeling later on and reflect on the situation, how I reacted, how reality presents the situation, etc.

I often realize, though, in the moment, when my initial feeling/reaction might seem irrational.

It’s always one of those “is that really the case?” moments.

Sometimes, our brain just tells us how we “should” feel. Something triggers our mind to react a certain way and it may have nothing to do with what is actually going on.

I’m not saying you should reflect on every emotion, feeling, or thought that you have, but I do think it’s important to understand how you react and can set yourself on to two feet, look in a mirror, and remind yourself of who you are and how things are.

It’s easy for us to get off track mentally and find ourselves in an area of focus that is not accurate to where we are trying to go or what is actually in front of us.

Put one foot ahead of you at a time, look into the mirror, and realize what’s in front of you: Life.

Life comes with a lot of challenges, a lot of moments, and a lot of… everything.

I encourage you to take note today of how you react to things around you and reflect on those feelings.

I hope that you find yourself aligned with what’s in front of you, you are putting your mind in the right places, and that life continues to bring you smooth steps, not hurdles.


(GL // J).

(BL // MB, SL, WZK).

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