I like to make lists.

I keep my lists on my “Notes” app on my phone and on my sticky notes I carry.

These lists and notes help me in many ways:

  • Reminders for daily tasks
  • Laying out steps to help me reach a goal
  • Giving me little thoughts on things as I maneuver through life
  • And more.

When I am looking at things I have to do, goals I am trying to accomplish, or my outlook on what’s going on around me, I always try to have a “”glass half-full” perspective as they say.

However, I know that perspective can change quickly.

It is easy for our outlooks to get shifted from any little thing…

Our glass can quickly look half-empty.

And sometimes, our thoughts on our goals, tasks, and life, just simply change – we for some reason feel stress and pressure and the glass becomes empty.

When I think about the glass as I see it, I try to fill it with focus.

When I focus and do what I feel is right on my way to completing a task, reaching a goal, or understanding a thought, I feel like I can’t fail.

I do fail sometimes – we all do, but I would rather have my glass be full and spill than never have anything in my glass.

My perspective on the glass helps my perspective on life – I seem to have a different amount in the glass each day, but that never slows my belief that the glass will be full soon.

And I know it will at times be empty, but the hope and patience for it to become full is so much greater.

So, when you are feeling empty and your glass seems dry, just remember how you pick yourself up and refill your glass.

Make a list, make some good thoughts, and make your focus full.

I hope your perspective is filling your glass and that life has given you a full one today.


(literally NS!)

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