Music Moves.

It amazes me how impactful music is in my own life.

It can set my mood, it can carry me through a day, it can grab my emotions, it can pump me up, and it can calm me down.

I think we have all experienced the emotions that music can give us.

However, the lesson I learned this morning when listening to music on the way to work is that the power is in more than just the music.

Music doesn’t give us feelings we don’t know about – music helps us enhance how we already feel and it is relatable.

It always feels good to feel like we can relate to something.

So when we grab those heightened emotions, we can really take them somewhere.

We can just let it die when the song ends or we can do something about it.

As music helps me understand and grasp emotions/thoughts I have, I want to continue to take that learning beyond the last note of the song.

This goes for EVERYTHING we learn – Take what you get in this moment and take it to the next moment.

If we can continue to apply what we learn, what we feel, and what we do to each moment as it comes our way, the heights we can reach are much further beyond what we think.

I encourage you to find a few songs today that you are feeling.

You know what that’s like – you are thumbing through a playlist on shuffle, and then BANG: A song comes on that you immediately grab onto.

Each day it’s a different song – but in that moment, that song can be just what you need.

When you find those few songs today, take what you learn and feel from that music and bring it with you as the day goes on.

Not necessarily lingering on the song itself, but how it helps you understand the world around you, how you are feeling and what you are thinking.

Take the music and make moves today – moves towards learning, understanding, and betterment.

Music moves us and we want to make music moves.


(i think we could do it if we try!) – S (S+R) // C

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