The emotions of change.

Change is a big deal…

A big, sometimes scary word.

When something in our life shifts, we have a lot of things to adjust for.

Especially when these things come quickly, we have to be willing to adapt and pivot in a timely manner.

However, sometimes that is hard.

Any time that our life is presented with change, there are many emotions that arise.

Anxiety, for one, is prominent, as we don’t know what to expect yet: We are nervously curious to see what happens next as this unfamiliar thing is happening in our lives. We know that until we become more familiar, we will not be able to really “predict” what is next.

Another emotion that arises is discomfort: We take notice that this change throws off our expectations, our routine. We want to try to get this new thing to fit in to the puzzle pieces of our life.

And overall, change can just be a rollercoaster of emotions, as each day we get used to something new can either be a happy day, a sad day, a smooth day, a hard day…

But at the end of the day, no matter how it treats us, we can rest in the fact that as each moment goes by, we are becoming more comfortable, more understanding, more knowledgeable, and more accepting of the change that is happening in our lives.

I started a new job this week – CHANGE. I went into my first day worried that I would fumble on things I didn’t know – which I quickly realized, of course I will fumble on some things, because I literally don’t know about it yet.

As I’ve taken in the moments of learning, training, and experience I’m getting, I feel more and more comfortable in my position.

That’s how we have to take it – one day, one moment at a time.

We begin to grasp it and turn our change into something we can control.

Whatever changes are occurring in your life right now, I encourage you to give yourself time to understand it, grasp it, and gain control.

Each moment gives you a better perspective on what’s going on and what’s in your hands.

I hope these moments give you comfort, clarity, and control as you maneuver through your current change.


(First time in a long time!)

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