Answering our questions.

Every day, I find many things in front of me that are new.

When seeking knowledge or experience on new things in our lives, we have questions.

I have noticed something about myself that has changed over time when it comes to “questions” – I used to be afraid to ask questions, because I feared that it would present to others that I am ignorant (which I am in this situation), but we never want to feel stupid.

However, lately in my life, after overcoming that fear I had when I was younger, I have become a lot more willing to ask questions, but I find myself being determined to figuring things out “all on my own”.

It’s not that I don’t want people to help me, I just seem to convince myself that if I figure out the answer myself, I will know more.

I’ve learned that although it feels good to get answers on your own, it does us just as good, and most times better, to get the answers from those who have that knowledge and experience.

Oftentimes, when we search for answers blindly on our own, we struggle in finding the answers to our questions because of our lack of guidance.

If we don’t know something, we should seek answers from those who do know.

So, next time you find yourself searching for answers on something you aren’t sure of, seek out those who not only can answer your question but will also help you through the process and be there for you as you figure things out.

I try to keep a group of a “Go-To Team” that I have for my questions about life, and there are many teams, so here are a couple examples:

  • My Go-To Team for MY JOB – This team of people help me maneuver through my work and get clarity as I address my clients needs.
  • My Go-To Team for MY HEALTH – This team of people helps me talk through things going on mentally, physically, emotionally, and more as I live my daily life and seek to be the healthiest I can be in all aspects.

I encourage you to think about those “teams” in your life of people that can help answer your questions and give you guidance as you work towards more knowledge, more experience, and becoming better overall.

So, let’s grab our teams, keep our minds open, find our answers, and do our best.


(You know what that means!)

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