Following through.

As an avid golfer for most of my life, I understand the importance of the follow through.

When I swing a golf club, I know that a good follow through is the final piece of the puzzle in terms of getting the ball to where I want it to go: The target.

So, when transferring that piece of knowledge to real life, I realize that when I have a goal, in order to reach it I need to follow through well.

And honestly, sometimes I catch myself not even making it to the follow through.

I love the lessons that golf teaches me about life and this one is one of the greatest.

I would like to think I am a determined man.

I have my goals, I try my best to reach them, and I figure out plans/steps I can take each day to get closer to the finish line.

However, we all run into issues that sometimes hold us back (laziness, emergencies, work, etc.)

It’s one thing, in those circumstances, to not be able to follow through because there is something blocking our way.

It’s important to remember that that block isn’t permanent.

Whether we can follow through on our steps/plans immediately or much later than expected, if the opportunity to follow through presents itself, you have got to do it!

I always am creating goals for my content (this blog, my podcast, etc.) but I have caught myself not following through lately (I have been pretty busy).

However, that will not stop me from continuing to push towards goals that I create for myself!

The key to a good follow through is continuing to work towards the target – the goal.

Whether that follow through comes right now or next year, you have to finish the swing.

If you don’t even finish the swing, who knows where you would’ve gone.

I encourage you to follow through on what you can today and continue working towards those goals.

Good luck, everyone. Let’s hit our targets.


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