Thankful impacts.

In reflecting on the thanksgiving holiday and the year 2020 beginning to wrap up, I have been reminded lately of the many things I am grateful and thankful for in my life.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all, my readers, for being a part of my life’s journey.

I am thankful that everyone who reads my blog is so kind to me.

People send me messages frequently about how my words have helped them grow or how they have seen me grow throughout my blogging journey, and that truly means the world.

I always want to make a positive impact, on myself, on others, on everything in the world.

It’s always a cliché, but we truly do have so many things to be thankful for.

Even amidst a year where, for most, it seemed like nothing went right.

However, here we are, with opportunities to keep moving forward and to make things better.

Amongst the clouds of uncertainty, conflict, and frustration that 2020 has brought many, we see the light of opportunity in front of us peeking through.

I encourage you to find that light source where you are making an impact and where others are making their impact and keep moving forward.

For me, this blog is one of my light sources.

I want to be more consistent in my posting and staying connected here, so hold me accountable to my goals for 2021!

I am aiming for two posts per week, 100 posts for the year.

I want to make a consistent impact and contribution to your life and mine.

Alongside my blogging, I will be jumping back into my podcasting schedule, I will be starting a new journey in grad school, and am continuing navigating my new job as well.

The more on my plate, the merrier. I continue to view busyness in my life as consistent opportunity, and I encourage you to look at the busyness of your life in a similar light.

It’s okay to feel stressed/overwhelmed at times… that’s life. However, when we just keep grinding and pushing through, we get a lot done and it’s always for the goodness of us and everyone around us.

So keep pushing, giving thanks, finding your light source(s), and making an impact!


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