What’s next?

As the page turns from 2020 to 2021, we are all eager to see what comes next.

The text on everyone’s page will look different, but I wanted to discuss our outlooks on the new year (and really, our individual futures in general).

I personally spent some time earlier this week writing down my goals for 2021 and organizing them by work, health, school, my relationship, hobbies, etc.

Upon completion of my list of goals, I went back through them and had a checklist with each:

  • Are they realistic in my current schedule? (Do I have time to work on them, will it create too much time stress, etc.)
  • Are they obtainable in practice? (Do I think I can obtain them with the current resources I have, etc.)
  • Are they positive? (Do I look at them in a positive light, are they things that I believe will make me a better person and I will want to do them, etc.)

So, with all of those questions being answered, I had to adjust some of the verbage of my goals, but with them all remaining the same end result.

Hmm… did they really change then?


In fact, I believe that simply changing the verbiage can make a world of difference.

Often times, the “resolutions” that we create for ourselves are seen in a negative light.

We have things we want to work on, but they come to our mind because we feel guilty or ashamed about our current state.

We should never feel ashamed of who we are.

I think that the most important feeling we should have at the end of the day is of opportunity.

Each night, no matter how much I reflect, I try to go to bed with an outlook on tomorrow of “let’s do better”.

Whatever is on our schedule, whatever gets thrown on our plate, we should always look at it with a mindset to do better with what we have.

That’s all we can ask of ourselves and others can ask of us.

So, in 2021, I do have many goals.

No matter how many I truly complete, I will always put my head on the pillow knowing that opportunity to be better is here.

I encourage you to take 2021, whatever it throws at you, and open your arms.

Embrace a new year, a new opportunity, and a chance to be better.

2021 will be better.

For you…

For me…

For all.

Much Love,



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