Grateful enjoyment.

I am writing to you all from Seattle, WA.

Currently looking out at the water, the skyscrapers, and the Space Needle from our Air BnB.

It’s a blessing to be able to travel and do new things.

As I spend some time away from home, I am finding new things to enjoy.

Whether it be food, drink, experience, attraction, etc.

It’s always enjoyable to be able to go new places, try new things…

But I wanted to take a minute to reflect on why this enjoyment is so important.

Realization of where you are (physically and mentally/emotionally) is very important.

Physically, I am here in Seattle, WA, on vacation.

Mentally/Emotionally, I am in a space of feeling grateful.

Grateful for opportunities to live life beyond the every day.

However, gratefulness doesn’t just happen while on vacation.

A reminder I like to give myself is what I’m working towards every day.

It’s not travel or gifts or anything like that. Those are all life’s “bonuses”.

I am working towards constant gratefulness.

As human nature provides, we will never achieve true satisfaction – we always want more!

However, I think you can become in a position where you can become fully grateful for everything that life has to offer – no matter where you are or what situation surrounds you.

There are highlights, such as a vacation or an award/reward or those “once-in-a-lifetime moments”, but there is also the every day.

I sometimes struggle with being thankful every day.

I look at an inconvenience or a problem and view it as “life isn’t good today”.

It really is more like “life IS today”.

Life isn’t always good.

Experiences aren’t always good.

However, we can always be grateful and enjoy what is in front of us.

We don’t have to enjoy what isn’t good – we should just enjoy the learning and be grateful for what comes from that as we move forward.

I encourage you today, whether you are on vacation, clocked in at work, sitting in your home, or in the midst of a conflict in your life, to take a moment and realize what you can be grateful for that is in front of you right now.

I harp on this a lot, but I can promise you it is always worth reflecting on.

For me, I will continue to share my thanks with the world today as I reflect from a new view.


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