Feeling the feelings.

Every moment of life provides us with different feelings.

Whether that be feelings that our 5 physical senses present ourselves with (a smell, a taste, a touch, etc.) or a feeling that our mind sends through our body and makes us think about (happy, content, anxious, etc.)

I went through a time in my life a few years ago where I was aware of feelings that were present, but did nothing to actually feel them.

Numbness, as they say.

Numbness can be felt in people’s lives through many different ways, but I was numb through time.

I was always stuck in a different time – the past and the future.

Because my mind was always in a past or future setting, I was never able to feel things as they came to me in the present.

My mind and body was numb from not experiencing life.

And you hate to miss a moment.

I realized that I wasn’t feeling feelings until they were gone.

Once I realized this and wanting to truly experience life again as it happened, I decided to learn how to feel the feelings.

It starts with being present – you need to be in the moment to understand what’s happening and what feeling you’re being presented.

Secondly, it comes from plugged into the moment – just because you’re present doesn’t mean you’re paying attention. You have to realize what’s causing this feeling to happen.

Lastly, you have to understand the why – it’s not a question to brood on, but a simple response of “why am I feeling this way?” will help you understand the things in life that make you feel differently than the previous moment.

I try to take in these moments of feeling each and every day to learn how my body and mind operate.

Increasing my self-awareness has been as much help to my overall health as anything.

I encourage you to go through that process this week as you notice your feelings arrive and change.

Be present in moments, ask the right questions, and understand your mind and body better each day.


“I’ve missed the smiles :)”

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