Sometimes our surroundings can mean everything.

They can dictate our mood, our schedule, our plans.

Whether these be in weather, in city, in work, in people, in home – it can all mean so much.

Some are more productive in the sunshine – some more productive in the rain.

Some more productive in the noise – some more productive in the quiet.

Some more comfortable around family – some more comfortable around new people.

Even how you place your own body can be important – your posture, where your hands and feet are placed, where your head is rested.

Knowing that sometimes the right place can make all the difference, why would we settle into a position we know isn’t quite right?

Each time I sit down and I’m not comfortable, I move until I am.

In life, we have to go through those periods of uncomfort to achieve comfort.

However, it isn’t supposed to last.

If we were to sit in the same position all day, we’d eventually become cramped and tired of it.

It’s a small lesson to learn and understand, but can go a long way.

We have to continue to find the next position that we work best.

Whether that is in our physical health, mental health, work ability, social ability, etc.

We can always find a spot that feels right.

We just have to remember how important it is to keep moving.

On days where we want to just settle and be “good enough”, we have to find that motivation to move just a little more to be our best.

I challenge you, in whatever you’re working through today, to find the right placement for you.


P // PC

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