Mountain moments.

I am currently in the latter-half of a book called “Wherever You Go There You Are” which teaches how to maintain presence, meditation, and focus throughout daily life.

One of the chapters I read this morning talked about mountains and how we can view our day as we are the mountain – everything moves around us how it moves, while we stay in our own place and simply take in what is going on.

As I think about this today, I have been thinking about mountains in general.

I love spending time in the mountains – I like the cold and the atmosphere within the mountains is powerful to me.

So when I think about observing life like a mountain, I realize how simple yet powerful that feels.

Each moment in itself, as we live our lives, may not be incredulous or extravagant.

However, each moment can be seen and felt when we properly observe.

The importance of that can easily be forgotten.

Although not every moment may seem important, being in the moment always is.

When we are able to tune into what is going on around us and not stick our nose into it, we learn a lot about what is around us…

Why things are going on – what actions people and nature are making – where we are as we stand in place…

It is all learning we can intake.

And learning is never a bad thing.

Each moment can be an opportunity for growth and if we really take in the opportunity to be a mountain in a world which moves quickly, we learn more than we ever could imagine.

I know life sometimes can’t allow us to truly sit and observe, but I encourage you to take a moment today to be a mountain and just sit in presence as the world keeps moving.

I hope we all can learn and grow today as we take in the moments that the day provides.


drawing circles.”

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