Meditate, focus, learn, assess, live… at your own pace.

Last night, I spent around 30 minutes outside in my backyard enjoying the sunset turn to the night and the beautiful weather here in Kansas City.

I had music on and once it got to the calmer section of the playlist, I began to try to meditate.

I don’t meditate often, and many times, I get distracted while trying to focus on my breathing and the sounds/feelings going on around me.


It was a bit frustrating.

But, after realizing we don’t always have perfect focus, I just meditated at my own pace.

It took me what felt like a long time to get settled, but I enjoyed my time in those present moments.


After leaving that space to go back inside, I realized what a great lesson that was.

Not only do I feel peace from those moments of meditation, but I felt strength from the moment where I did not become frustrated with myself.

It is easy for myself to become frustrated when I always expect to get things the first try.


Life rarely brings success on the first try, the second try, or even the third try.

Life is an episode of trial and error.

We have to learn to accept those trials and errors.

It just takes some reminders and some patience.

I am thankful I reminded myself of this in the moment and was able to refocus and enjoy the presence of the evening and the world around me last night.


No matter it be meditation, learning in a classroom or at work, understanding a situation or emotion, or simply completing a task, it’s rare that we accomplish what we want on the first step.

After all, the ladders of life have many steps. It’s pretty hard to jump from the bottom to the top of a ladder.


I encourage you to take things at your own pace.

Know what you need to succeed, understand your pace of understanding/learning, and when it’s time to focus, try your best.


It sometimes takes a minute, but once we can focus in and we go when the time is right, we can do anything we set our mind to.


As for my meditation, my work, my reflection, and especially my writing, I will take all of those things with a breath, with a dose of patience, and with the pace that I take my strides.


Let’s remember to continue to strive and reach success, but always at the right pace for us.



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